Welcome to Alouette, a fun, bright and inspiring quarterly magazine created for little linguists learning French. This new language tool introduces your little linguist to vocabulary and simple French phrases through a range of activities with fun being at the centre of it all.

Created and written by Jo Soddy, founder of My Little Linguist language lessons for pre-schoolers, and illustrated/designed by artist and designer, Laure Arnold, this vibrant and original French magazine will engage your children and start them on their language learning journey.


Jo Soddy – Founder and writer:

Languages have always been central in my life, starting at primary school I was lucky enough to have a head teacher who loved France and everything French, so she took it upon herself to teach the youngest children the basics of this beautiful language. It certainly made a big impression, as 3 decades on, I too am passing on my knowledge of European languages to toddlers and preschool budding linguists!

I live with my French partner Nico and our 2 children Olivier & Lucie. Living in a bilingual household and raising our 2 children in both French and English just proved to me how easily little people absorb new sounds and can distinguish different languages from each other. So Gentille Alouette is the culmination of this passion and will hopefully provide your child with the foundations of a love of languages and an appetite for learning.

Laure Arnold – Founder, illustrator/designer:

French-born and raised in the U.S., France and Switzerland, I have been immersed in a bilingual home and multilingual lifestyle all my life. I am now based in the U.K. with my husband and 3 children. Having always had a passion for art, drawing and design from a very young age, I followed a creative path in adult-hood, working in several creative agencies in London, with a focus on graphic design and  illustration. After becoming a mother, I

set up LD (Laure Design), with a particular focus on creating bright, colourful learning tools for children who are learning French and other languages.

See more at www.lauredesign.com

My 3 young children; Chloe Hugo and Roman are a constant inspiration in my work, as I look for new, fun, creative visual ways to assist young children on their language learning journey.